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AYUDH Youth Summit 2018, 14-22 July 2018, M.A. Center Germany

Profile: The summit is open to youth between the ages of 15 and 30, from 12 partner countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK, regardless of culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Participants should be interested in the main theme of the summit as well as the values and spiritual background of AYUDH. If you are over 30 years of age you are very welcome to support the summit as a volunteer. We still need many helping hands, so if you are interested, please write to seva@ayudh.eu.

The participation fee for the whole week is only 140 Euro and includes accommodation and vegetarian food. Accommodation is in dormitories at M.A. Center Germany, Brombachtal, separate for women and men. It is possible to bring a tent and do camping (only for youth above the age of 18)

Youth under the age of 18: As per the German Law, your parents will need to fill in and sign a form before we can accept you for participation at the Youth Summit. You can download the form HERE and upload a scan of the signed form when you apply online. Youth who still have school during the time of the summit can obtain a letter from us that certifies our initiative as a non-formal learning programme. With this letter you can ask permission of the school to take leave for the duration of the summit.

Language: The main language used at the summit is English. However, the main talks and panel discussions will be translated simultaneously into Spanish, Italian, French and German. Many thanks to the company KTR Kongresstechnik for providing us with the technical equipment free of charge. Working group and certain activities are not being translated, so in case participants do not feel comfortable to communicate fluently in English, they are kindly requested to choose working groups that does not rely primarily on dialogue and discussions.

Important: This equipment is extremely sensitive and valuable. Therefore, everyone who wishes to use a translation set will be asked to make a deposit. You can indicate at the online-registration form if you need this kind of translation set, and you will be asked to make the deposit of €50 upon arrival (cash). Of course, you will be given back the money at the end of the summit if you return the headset in perfect condition.

Community Service: All participants will have a few hours of community service assigned during the week. These are simple tasks such as washing and drying dishes, serving meals, etc. and it’s usually a lot of fun to work together during the summit.
Youth who would like to spend more time volunteering at the summit can apply for the ‘helping hands’ scheme during their online application process. As ‘helping hands’ you can participate for a reduced participation fee, while contributing 3 hours of community service per day.

Helping hands is a scheme we offer for participants who are experiencing financial difficulty. By committing to 3 hours of community service daily, participants can attend the summit for a reduced fee for of €70 (a reduction on the full participation fee of €120).

For first time participants, we strongly advice you not to apply for the Helping Hands scheme, as it could negatively affect your experience, by limiting the time you have to meet new people and take part in the full program.

If you want to be eligible for this scheme, please send an email to seva@ayudh.eu containing the following information AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

  • Full name, Age, and Country of Residence
  • Whether you have attended the AYUDH summit before
  • Why you want to be considered for the Helping Hands Scheme

The deadline to apply for this Scheme is June 1st. Approval will be on a first-come first-served basis as there are a limited number of spots available.

If you have been accepted as a ‘helping hand’ you will get a specific task assigned for the week. You will get the reduction of the participation fee as a refund. So please be sure to bring €140, you will get €50 back at the end of the week.  

How to register: There is a two-step process. First you need to apply here, and once we approve your application you will receive a comprehensive pdf guide booklet with all necessary information about the programme, travel, what to bring. At this point you will also receive a link to finally register for the summit, providing us with your travel details so that we can arrange a pick-up from the closest train station. You can also apply for the working groups and activities of your choice.

We encourage you to start the application process NOW!  You will not be able to attend the summit if you do not register before July 1st 2018

Please note that AYUDH can not issue visa invitation letters, nor provide any means of travel support