Frequently asked question


Frequently asked question

Q: Which language is used most commonly during the youth exchange?

A: All talks and workshops will be conducted in English. During the talks we provide simultaneous translation into Spanish, French, Italian and if necessary German.

 Q: What if I don’t want to participate in a particular activity?

A: All young people must participate in all activities. The AYUDH summit is committed to the development of the participant’s life skills through group activities and exposure to diverse educational experiences.

Q: Can I be together with my friends in the same workshop / group?

A: During certain times you will be together with the youth coming from your country. During workshop times you will be part of a mixed group with youth of all ages, from different countries. We encourage the cross-country mix of youth in order to create a platform for intercultural exchange.

Q: Who is Amma and how is this youth exchange related to her?

A: M.A. Center Germany is inspired by the teachings of Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), one of the most respected humanitarians and spiritual leaders of this time.                                                                   

Participants do not necessarily need to have met or know Amma. However, during some talks and workshops, Amma’s teachings might be mentioned. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and chanting will be offered on a voluntary basis. We hope that participants will feel comfortable with the spiritual background of the youth initiative.