Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Q: Which language is used most commonly during the youth exchange?

A: All talks and workshops will be conducted in English. During the talks we provide simultaneous translation into Spanish, French, Italian and, if necessary, German.

 Q: What if I don’t want to participate in a particular activity?

A: Although some activities are optional, we strongly suggest youth attend all activities in order to gain the most out of their summit experience.

Q: Can I be together with my friends in the same workshop / group?

A: During meals and free-time you can hang out with your friends, however during certain activities you may be split up into different groups with youth of all ages, from different countries. We hope you make tons of new friends at the summit in this way! We encourage the cross-country mix of youth in order to create a platform for intercultural exchange.

Q: Who is Amma and how is this youth exchange related to her?

A: M.A. Center Germany is inspired by the teachings of Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), one of the most respected humanitarians and spiritual leaders of this time.                                                                   

Participants do not need to have met or know Amma, however, during some talks and workshops Amma’s teachings might be mentioned. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and chanting will be offered on a voluntary basis. We hope that participants will feel comfortable with the spiritual background of the youth initiative.

Q: What will happen when I arrive?

  • You will be welcomed at our Check-In desk
  • You may need to provide any information on yourself missing from our records and sign the participants list
  • You will be allocated with a community service for which you will be responsible throughout the week
  • You will be shown your room or camp site

Q: What should I be thinking about bringing with me?



  • Do I know the address and contact number of where I am going?

  • Have my parents been given this information (for youth under 18)?

  • Do I have a valid passport (and visa, if required) and photocopies of these with me?

  • Do I have any medicines that I may need for the duration of my stay with me?

  • For youth under 18, who need to take prescribed medicines: do I have a written note by my doctor, indicating how the medicines need to be taken?

  • Do I have sufficient insurance for my stay in Germany and do I have my insurance card(s) with me?

  • Do I know who I will be able to talk to if I am worried or unhappy about anything when I am on my trip?

  • Am I ready for my trip? (or do I have any questions, worries or concerns to clarify before I leave?)


If you are uncertain about anything, please contact your National Youth Leader:







Netherlands & Belgium



All Other Countries


We are looking forward to welcome you soon at M.A. Center Germany!