Skills Lab

Description: This year we have added a new element to the program, called Skill Labs. These Skill Labs are mini-workshops to explore different skills that you can later on take home and develop, continue to explore, or just keep in the back of your mind. These skill labs will be around topic related to social change, civic engagement and self development
There will be 12 skill labs on Monday 15.07 and Thursday 18.07 for two hours after the morning talk, among which you can choose one for each day (one for Monday and one for Thursday). This will be announced on the first day of the Summit, and you will be informed about where you can sign up, etc. 


Who is Jyoti?
My name is Jyoti, After the summer I am starting my fourth year at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This year I did my specialization Make & Buy; which focuses on product development and buying wholesale collections. And I just finished my internship at de Bijenkorf, the Netherlands biggest department store chain. I’ve been coming to AYUDH for a number of years now and happy to now also share my ‘skill’.

During this Skill Lab we will dive a bit deeper into sustainable fashion. What are the actual costs for most of the things we wear? We will explore the production costs of a variety of materials and look at sustainable alternatives. Tips on how to shop sustainable and what to look for when shopping in order to make the most sustainable choices.

Bio: Werner  has a degree in Political Science and worked as a financial advisor for 30 years. He has been a member of the Toastmasters Club in Zurich ("Rhetorik Club Zürich") for ten years.

Description: The Youth Leadership Program enables participants to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. By developing these skills, young people will be better prepared to meet the demands and challenges of today’s world.

The workshop is an Educational Program for Youth, officially designed by Toastmasters International, and every participant who will attends all sessions will receive a certificate.

Participants will learn how to prepare and present a speech, conduct meetings, listen effectively and evaluate what they have heard.

Impact: By the end of the sessions, they’ll have developed self-confidence and interpersonal communications skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.


Bio : Rémy is a professional juggler and acrobat. He teaches these, and other performance skills, to many different types of groups. For Rémy, circus is a form of yoga, art and is infact a spiritual practice. He does not view performance as his objective, but rather he looks at the artful combination of the body’s movement through the air, and how it interacts with gravity and balance.

Description: In this workshop you will discover and celebrate the body’s diversity. We will begin by examining what the body actually is, then explore the stages of relaxation, with the aim of dissolving the idea that the body and mind are separate elements, and are one. You will delve within to find the connections between simple gestures, grand movements, and experience strange sensations as you learn to listen to yourself and trust your body through our dizzying games of vertigo!

Impact:  This workshop builds self-confidence and trust with others. Participants will develop deep connections with eachother, their surrounding space, and with themselves. It will cultivate one's capacity to live the present moment. It will be a fun workshop with plenty of laughter, some inner reflection and some serious moments too.


Bio: Philippe is an osteopath and yoga teacher. He leads this workshop in order to increase people’s awareness of their body and mind in a fun and playful way. At the same time participants may experience deeper levels of peace and harmony.

Description:  Acroyoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics and thaï massage. Exploring the connection and balance between two people or more, acroyoga creates moments of joy and relaxation, all while challenges gravity! It will be easy and playful approach to become aware of movement and body.

Impact: Participants will discover an inner satisfaction and joy through a fun and relaxing experience of their body and mind. At the same time they will acquire basic notions of yoga, acroyoga, thaï massage, and respect of each others movement.


Bio: Eoin is a community, social and environmental activist. He works for the National Statistics Office in Ireland and sits on local, national and international working groups. He is involved in rights and value based campaigns, planting seeds and building diverse communities. He is inspired by activists and  hopes this workshop inspires future activists.

Description: Investigate diversity in action. Take inspiration from Greta Thunberg, Martin Luther King, the Pankhurst sisters, Gandhi and your favourite activists, to look at strategies for non-violent direct action (NVDA), in diverse social movements, to effect change in society.  How can we act together to create a more plural society that respects diversity of age, gender, race, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, disability and spiritual beliefs?

What does nature and permaculture teach us about diversity and resilience? Learn the skills to be an activist, to change yourself, your social network, your community and your government. Unite in diversity and act.'

Impact: Participants will use and value diversity. View diversity through the lens of social movements and activism. Learn skills and competencies for non violent direct action. Create youth-led campaigns to advocate for diversity and inclusion


Bio: Darcie is studying for her bachelor’s degree in marine science on Scotland’s beautiful west coast, where she hosts beach cleans every few weeks. For many years she has been learning about living in an environmentally conscious way from seeing our impacts on our natural spaces.

Description: In this workshop you will be provided with information about how we impact the earth, and how to minimise those impacts. In each session we will be up-cycling items into useful products to minimise our consumption of single use plastics, so that at the end of the week, you will have all the tools you need to live in a more eco-conscious way. This workshop will help you to live eco-friendlier without breaking the bank!

Impact: We hope to inspire participants to introspect on how their actions impact the wider environment, to educate them on sustainable changes which can reduce the negative environmental impact each of us makes, and to provide the tools required to up-cycle items into useful alternatives for environmentally damaging products.


Bio: Andrea is a certified  Ayurvedic therapist and a professional singer, and since 2011 he has  been deepening his studies in Voice Healing. His hopes to share the knowledge he received about the power of the voice with all those who are willing to experience it.

Description: Join us to explore the forgotten power of the voice. As a unique being, you have been given a unique voice. Whether you like it or not, it is a gift and it is simply wonderful just because no one else has the same as yours. It is also a powerful tool because you can easily use at a peaceful, conscious and loving level, and help others to do the same.

Impact This workshop will help participants to reach a deeper level of self awareness, improve their self confidence through better managing and expressing their emotions, iIncrease their empathy through deeply and mindfully connecting with others, no matter the differences between them, and provide a handy healing tool that can easily increase their peace and happiness.


Bio: Veena is trained in many different dance genres. (She studied Ballet and modern in Germany, contemporary at London Contemporary Dance School, the five rhythms with Gabriel Roth and many more)

She has taught various groups throughout europe since her twenties and has been offering dance workshops at numerous Ayudh summits. She feels grateful to share this experience with participants this year again.

Description: In this workshop we will be exploring our individuality and our uniqueness through dance. With the help of various methods we experience the expression of this uniqueness, thus giving rise to more of our creative potential. We will celebrate creative individuality and experience unity in group dancing.

Each day we will first work with different dance methods and then spend time creating a choreography together.

Impact This workshop will give participants a generous experience of dance. Getting to know your body and yourself more in depth and celebrating relationships between yourself and others in dance while acquiring the tools to dance freely. Participants will have various experiences exploring the theme of "unity in diversity" as well as creating and rehearsing a dance choreography together. They will have the opportunity to discover more of their creative potential and embrace diversity.


Bio: Prem is an Instructor of tai chi chuan and qigong, he is also a bodywork and acupuncturist practitioner. He has 30 years of experience working with young people of all ages.

Description: Through Tai Chi will work with structural alignment, relaxation, breath, and mind intention to enable us to get closer to who we really are, underneath the accumulated layers of conditioning and personal experience.

Impact: Participants will gain self-awareness of confidence, their bodies, situational perspective, grounding, and of the emotions and their colouring of our perspective. They will learn how to separate the emotional component from our decision making.


Bio: Maalthe has played Ultimate Frisbee with the Danish Technical University throughout his undergraduate degree. Last year his team managed to scoop up the Danish national championship in the mixed category. He is from an engineering background, but on the field he’s just “that guy who keeps on running”! Maalthe loves games, team spirit and doing something physical - which is why he loves UF so much!

Description:  Put on your cleats, fill a bottle of water and prepare for a couple of fun and active afternoons on the field. It doesn’t matter if you have played before or not! Ultimate Frisbee is a game of two teams with 3-7 players working together to put the frisbee in the other team’s endzone. During the workshop we’ll combine knowledge and physical activity through a lot of throwing, interactive games, and of course Ultimate Frisbee. Most importantly, participants of this workshop will take care of eachother, and have a lot of fun together.  

Impact This workshop will provide participants with practical skills with a frisbee, and knowledge of the game itself. They will improve their knowledge on physical communication, how to take care of others, how to generate team spirit, and how to handle and solve conflict. They will gain self confidence in a competitive environment.


Bio:  Born into a creative family, Viola chose to study Communication and Graphic Design at the Politecnico di Milano. Since graduating, she has worked for an advertising agency in Milan, for an interior design studio in Amsterdam, and as a freelancer. Having been a participant of Ayudh for 8 years, she is thrilled to have a chance to give back through the skills she has learnt.

Description: This workshop will give you knowledge on the basics of graphic design through layout design, photography and video editing. The participants will create a poster that expresses our origins and our future hopes. The technique that we will use is stop motion, an animated-film making technique in which objects are photographed in frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back as a fast sequence. Is this way you will create a concept for a poster, the copy, and will learn stop motion skills which can be used in the future for posts on the Ayudh Instagram page, website and to promote Ayudh and its diversity and beauty.

Impact: Participants will learn to broaden their views on what is behind everything they see, from a book, to a commercial, to labels, to the interface on their phone. That brings great power (you can communicate in efficient and creative ways) but also great responsibility (you need to keep an eye on what you communicate and your ethical point of views)


Bio: After graduating from the "Carlo Porta" Hotelier Institute in Milan, Caterina began her work experience at the Joia restaurant run by chef Pietro Leemann.  Today she works for Altatto, a young vegetarian catering company that will soon open its first vegetarian bistro in Milan. The kitchen, for her, is a place to express an ancestral gesture, the cook’s art, and a gesture of profound pleasure. Cooking is also a language that must be expressed through all the means of communication that we have available.

Description: This workshop is a cooking course designed to make you fall in love with the wonderful art of food. There will be days dedicated to young kitchen enthusiasts who want to implement the knowledge of vegetable cuisine. Together we will deepen the basics of classic cooking in a vegan and vegetarian key and learn how to enhance the vegetables through different cooking styles. Through the colours, the flavours, and the sharing, we will learn the basics of Italian and worldwide vegetarian cuisine. Participants will learn to make appetizers and appetizing aperitifs, risottos, pasta and pasta dishes, main courses, legumes and seitan and finally cakes and desserts which are easy to prepare and delicious.

Impact: Participants will gain confidence in how to prepare delicious vegetarian and vegan meals for their daily lives. Centred around sharing delicious food together, they will experience the value and joy good food has to offer.


Bio:  Lucia is a self-empowerment coach, actress and world-champion in boxing and kickboxing.

Description: Learn the secret to unfold your magic powers. Finding strength within, utilising our spiritual potential and ‘kicking ass’ during the most challenging experiences in life - Lucia will give you a toolbox of self-empowerment practices and share some of her experience of being a global force for advancing women empowerment, self-awareness and acceptance.


Bio: Ghitamrita has always been interested in plants and nature, and at the same time has always felt the need to paint, draw, and express herself through art and colors.

She studied agriculture and environmental science, and has always been attracted to plants and their fantastic properties. She has participated in several permaculture and gardening workshops, and graduated in Educational Sciences, with a final thesis on the benefit of nature and the impact of landscape on the human being.

Description: The idea of this workshop is to create a space where Art can meet Nature in a magic ensemble of colours and plants.  We will discover together the botanical world while expressing our inner artistic potential. We will use plants and other natural materials such as spices and leaves  to create the colours and tints. The purpose of this workshop is to develop the artistic potential that everyone has, in harmony with nature and in a completely eco-sustainable way, without waste and without damaging the environment.

Nature itself is diversity, and we will follow her flow, observing the diversity in ourselves and the biodiversity inside the magical world of plants and colours.

Impact: Participants will have the opportunity to rediscover their diversity through the diversity of nature, listen to the slow rhythms of plants and rediscover a natural artistic dimension. Through this workshop, participants will be free to discover their artistic imagination, without too many rules or schemes. We will try to show our innate spontaneity, imitating the spontaneity of nature, trying  to cooperate with each other and enjoy time together in a natural way.


Description: This workshop will bring participants to question the representation of the world through images. It will focus on two main ideas:

  • Abstraction and description

  • Empathy in art and society.

Different techniques will be explored to get a new perspective on these concepts through art.

First and foremost through photography and photographing art.

The workshop days will offer different exercises while taking photographs (distance, lenses, sharpness rooms), but also exercises that include creating personal pieces of art and photographing them.

Participants are requested to bring their own cameras .