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There will be 12 skill labs on Monday 15.07 and Thursday 18.07 for two hours after the morning talk, among which you can choose one for each day. This will be announced on the first day of the Summit, and you will be informed about where you can sign up, etc.


My name is Jyoti, After the summer I am starting my fourth year at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This year I did my specialization Make & Buy; which focuses on product development and buying wholesale collections. And I just finished my internship at de Bijenkorf, the Netherlands biggest department store chain. I’ve been coming to AYUDH for a number of years now and happy to now also share my ‘skill’.

Description: During this Skill Lab we will dive a bit deeper into sustainable fashion. What are the actual costs for most of the things we wear? We will explore the production costs of a variety of materials and look at sustainable alternatives. Tips on how to shop sustainable and what to look for when shopping in order to make the most sustainable choices.


Aroun who will facilitate the skill lab have participated to bring sociocracy into AYUDH France and experienced it during meetings and in the general working way of the team. Most of us also experienced it in the daily life of the French Amma’s Center.

Description: This skill lab aims to present sociocracy as a decisional and organisational model for a team. Sociocracy means distribution of responsibilities and collective intelligence for the achievement of common goals while respecting the people and the diversity of points of view.

In this skill lab, you will discover a “method” to be more efficient as a group, to save time, handle people and to distribute speaking time. You will also be able to experience it and to know how to adapt it to the group of people concerned.


I’m a facilitator in a local NGO aiming at protecting the Parisian suburban agriculture and promoting sustainable development through synergies between the urban and agricultural worlds. I’ve been trained to creative brainstorming methods by makesense, a network of youth volunteers supporting social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Description: Monday: Participants will learn through theory and practice how to facilitate a collective brainstorming workshop following a method called “Hold-Up”. This method allows to solve a challenge faced by a project, an NGO, a social start-up... If you face a challenge with you AYUDH group (How to reach more people? How to have a bigger social impact? How to communicate better? Etc) or if you just want to learn how to collectively unlock difficulties, this skill lab is for you! Thursday: Participants will learn through theory and practice how to facilitate a collective brainstorming workshop following a method called “SenseFiction”. This method allows to design concrete solutions to a social or ecological problem in only 1 day. If there is a problem you would like to tackle but you don’t know where to start, if you already have THE idea to change the world, or if you just want to learn how to help others convert their ideas into projects, this skill lab is for you!


I have 15 years experience in human rights and trade in the United Nations, in Geneva and New York. Meg is a change-maker who has successfully navigated the UN system to get things done. From zero to full recognition of the importance of the economic empowerment of women to trade; to the design and delivery of multi-year, multi million dollar programmes that have changed lives, the purpose of this exercise is to train participants to become ‘UN Ninjas’.

Description: Become a UN Ninja and fight for your cause!


Im the Trees for Peace coordinator, shortly worked in a tree nursery. I have been the Youth Leader coordinator at AYUDH for the past 4 years.

Description: A short workshop about Trees for Peace and how to plan a tree planting. We will work on the different stages of a tree planting project, what is it useful for, how should it look like, etc. An interactive session where you’ll be able to ask questions to the person who has actually done it successfully and would be able to give tips about how to apply it in your own country.  We will also reflect on how to organise such a project, while interacting dynamically with other participants in discussions and games!


I’m a Talent Acquisition professional in the consultancy field working across Europe with leading multinational companies in healthcare, consumer goods, technology and financial services. On a daily basis I headhunt and interview consultants for professional assignments and assess their suitability for a given position with clients. 

I hold a Master Degree in International Management & a Bachelor Degree in International Business. I have also worked in several major European cities: London, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin & Toulouse and speak 4 languages fluently. I have been involved in AYUDH since 2006, first as a participant and youth leader and later as part of the Summit Team. 

Description: Essential know-how for your (future) professional career: Shaping your CV and preparing for interviews. How to market yourself in an ever increasing competitive professional working environment: Gain insight into current industry trends, market demand, company expectations, interview techniques and selection processes. With market intelligence and practical know-how we will learn how to present oneself in order to have the best chance at securing an internship, next career move or dream job. 



I am the initiator of the project SuperCoop ( in Berlin, and have been responsible mainly for PR and coordination. I’ve seen the project developing from scratch and learned a lot myself during this process.

Description: I'll present the cooperative supermarket model more specifically our project in Berlin, focusing on the different phases of the creation of a company. I’ll share with you the necessary tools for successfully carrying out the different phases of a project, such as PR strategy, external communication (website, FB…), preparing a crowdfunding campaign, etc. 

In small teams, we will try to solve problems related to these topics, or make a step-by-step plans for YOUR projects! Come and join us :)


Stefanie Palomino is one of Europe‘s mobile pioneers. She founded her first startup – aka-aki, a mobile location based social network – in 2006. In addition to her own app projects, she advised companies about strategy, digitalization, social media, concept and communication. aka-aki was awarded best Mobile Social Network at the 13th Webby Awards. Her app Gabi won a Lovie Award in 2012 and the Mobile Tech Award in 2013. Her work has been reported in media including TechCrunch, The Times, France2 and CNN. Business Punk Magazine counted her as one of the Top 50 Creatives of Germany.

Sehnaz Sensan is a transformation and communication expert. As an agile coach she accompaniees teams as with methods from the design thinking and agile toolset. She has been working intensely with startups and big corporates for years to optimize their customer relations and to put the human in the center of  their work efforts.

Gabriel Palomino is a highly skilled app developer and programmer  with nearly 20 year experience working in the mobile industry. His speciality is launching innovative mobile products with a strong commercial background fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, thinking the products strategic for the respective end consumer. 

Among the numerous awards he won for his work are the Mobile Tech award for the best App DACH overall for the app Gabi and two Webby´s for the groundbreaking social network “aka-aki”.

Description: These days the ways we work are rapidly changing. Work is happening much more remote, digital and flexible. But what does working in new ways really mean and stand for? And how can a modern approach like agilityhelp us in a non-profit context to collaborate, and therefore work much more effectively? In this intense skill lab we will foster an understanding of new ways of working, by not just giving the theoretical framework of agility, but grounding the concept and understanding of agility through experience by playing some agile games. You will get to experience how easy and efficient it can be to work in an agile team. FUN GUARANTEED!


Im an International Development Management student from the Netherlands and joined AYUDH in 2012. Im currently is the Project Coordinator of ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and Im known within the team as the one who wants to keep the office organised. At the start of this year I decided to follow Marie Kondo’s guidance to tidying up and after experiencing the life-changing effect on my life I hope to inspire others to find joy and happiness in their daily lives through this method as well.

Description: Ever unable to find something you need at home? Do your clothes pile up like a tangled mess of noodles or do you end up finding items you did not even remember you had? In this skill lab you will be introduced to the KonMari method of tying and you will never experience these issues again. Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo has assembled her lifelong experience and knowledge of tidying in her bestseller ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and inspired millions worldwide to change their lifestyle by choosing JOY. The secret is to focus on what you want to keep, not what you want to get rid of. Are you ready to leave the clutter behind and start living a life of gratitude and joy, join this skill lab!


Aiknaath: is a medical student from the UK, with a degree in Medical Education, where he has acquired competences in communication, situational awareness, conflict management, among others. He has taught seminars and classes on these subject. Furthermore, he’s held positions in the General Medical Council, UK Youth Parliament, and is currently the Logistics Coordinator at AYUDH; and worked with multidisciplinary teams across the world in various projects, from eco-project, mental health projects, etc. 

Andrea is from the Basque Country, a law student who is passionate about projects like AYUDH, she’s currently one of the coordinators of Program Development at AYUDH. She has learned and explored in the topic of communication, especially at times of conflict. 

Description: The purpose of this skill lab is to explore how we can develop our communication skills such that we can create stronger teams and  healthier relationships. We will explore how we can overcome barriers both physical and mental to prevent and resolve conflict :)


I'm from Germany and I have 15 years of experience in teaching a wide range of ages and in several contexts. I have been involved with Amma's organization in Germany for the past 20 years while raising my two children. In times of stress, I turned to meditation and yoga as a way to relax and refocus my mind. I now spend several months a year in Amritapuri and am grateful for the opportunity to share Amma's IAM Meditation Technique and the positive experiences with the next generation of youth.

Description: IAM – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is a powerful  relaxation technique and practice synthesized by world-renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian Sri Mata Amritanandamayi – Amma. It is a combination of Relaxing yogic stretches, breathing and concentration exercises and takes only 30 minutes a day. Improved power of concentration, relaxation, expansive thinking and awareness are the basic benefits of IAM Meditation. How we perceive the world around us completely depends upon our mind. In our search for happiness, we essentially have two options — modify the entire world so that everything turns out exactly the way we want, or modify our mind so we’re happy, content and peaceful, regardless of what happens in the external world. The former is obviously impossible. We have very little control over our external world. The only hope for happiness lies in controlling the inner world. Meditation is a key element in this process.


I am a professional with a solid experience in international public service, cross-cultural communication and project management in such areas as education, public/social infrastructure, and digital city planning. Graduated from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), Inalco (France, Paris), EHESS (France, Paris) and Shenzhen Polytechnic University (Shenzhen, China), fluent in 5 languages and have been actively involved into several international philanthropic and charity organisations focused on education since 2009. I have been working for international consulting companies, as well as public administration. Currently leading fundraising activities for the ICPC Foundation (International Collegiate Programming Contest), the oldest and the largest algorithmic programming contest in the world.

Description: This skill lab will be focused on social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and fundraising projects. It’s an immersive introduction into social project management, specifically focused on reaching fundraising goals, developing relevant skills set and applying it into practice. We will be sharing some best practices from different regions and sectors and use Embracing the World/AYUDH as an actual case for practice. For those who are willing to keep implementing and learning throughout the year – we will be

supporting this lab throughout the year on a monthly basis and keep those activities going within your respective regions.


I am committed to building a revolutionary movement of evolutionary warriors for the world, igniting critical listening, thinking and action to bring about a joyful and thriving life for all. My past 25 years has been an expression of believing in possibilities so that the impossible happens in personal, community transformation as an Ontological Coach, Teacher of multiple physical and energetic therapies and as an environmental & social justice activist and founding member of several organizations including Drawdown Toronto, Drawdown Caledon, Unify Toronto, Unify Caledon, JLSGlobal. One of my current focus is on how to use my knowledge and influence to empower youth to take a stand for what they most deeply care about and are committed to.

Description: Embodied Leadership- How to Building a Being (Body and Mental capacity) as a Warrior for the World:

1. Learn and practice how to reveal and articulate your purpose or vision for your life.

2. Learn practices both physically and mentally to build a way of Being that has choice and the capacity to achieve your vision.


Bri. Dipamrita Chaitanya met Amma during her travels in India in 1988, and was ordained as a monk in 1997. Upon Amma’s request, she has travelled throughout Europe conducting meditation programs since 1998 and was appointed as the Head of the Amma Center in France by Amma in 2002. She is Amma’s representative in France, where she coordinates regional activities on behalf of Amma throughout Europe.

Description: Join here for a nice time of wise insights from Bri. Dipamrita Chaitanya, on the topic of “Diversity in Beliefs”. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from someone who has been walking the spiritual and devotional path for many years. Share you point of view, discuss with other people on what diversity in beliefs is for you.

more to come…