The programme of this year’s 15th European Youth Summit contains several different elements.

Some are scheduled, like the different talks and interactive sessions, the obstacle run and the talent show, while other programme activities will be carried out on a daily basis, such as the inspirational talks, mindfulness activities, community building activities, and workshops. There will also be activities that will be presented every other day, such as the sharing groups and the ‘skill labs’, one of the new elements at this year’s summit.


What does a day at the AYUDH summit look like?



The day starts bright-and-early with optional kickstart activities such as Tai Chi or Yoga, to enjoy an early morning healthy workout before breakfast.


Every day, after breakfast, a different speaker will deliver an inspirational talk followed by an interactive session or time for a Q&A session. This is followed by Sharing Groups twice in the week, where youth can exchange their ideas and understandings of the topics discussed.


Workshops are held after lunch. Youth can choose the workshop of their choice to perfect their understanding or their skills on a specific subject. There are cognitive discussion based workshops as well artistic and creative workshops, and some environmentally oriented ones too.


In the evenings, after dinner, community building activities are held offering participants the opportunity to express themselves artistically, and interact and exchange interculturally.

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Each day of the Summit has a different and complementary thematic focus, which is highlighted during the Ignite-talks and reflected during the Sharing groups.

Day 1: Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion: Exploring and clarifying terms, creating a common understanding through experiential learning; highlighting the situation and statistics of youth with fewer opportunities both in Europe and amongst participants

Day 2: Diversity in Ecology: Outlining the importance to protect biodiversity and drawing conclusions for the general value of diversity of all forms of life

Day 3: Diversity in Teams: Practicing how to mindfully manage differences in abilities, capacities, character, leadership types, social backgrounds in teams of young people wanting to effect change in society

Day 4: Diversity in Cultures: Sharing personal experiences of being ‘different’ and outlining the importance of an open-minded and respectful society

Day 5: Diversity in Ourselves: Emphasising body positivity, sharing unique life-stories, experiences and perspectives through a human library; building self-acceptance and confidence

Day 6: Diversity in Beliefs: Recognising the validity of different religious and spiritual approaches as well as atheist worldviews; outlining principles to foster peaceful coexistence of faith groups; encouraging participants to explore their personal belief system

Day 7: Diversity in Experiences: Participants reflect on their learning outcomes of the week during a youth panel discussion

… and since the agenda is a work-in-progress, this is just a tentative list, which will get even better.

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Self-reflection and development of critical self-enquiry, mindfulness, empathy and compassion. 

Social participation, advocacy and engagement in society

Ecological sustainability as a requirement of stability and peace.