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We invite participants to contribute to the programme with their unique talents, skills and experiences. We would love to hear from you, if there is something that you like to offer during one of the sessions mentioned below.

Just tab on email below and write to us, our team will get back to you shortly to discuss your ideas and clarify details.


Skill Labs:

Did you start a social business and can give useful tips on how to do it? You know about fundraising, social media marketing or project evaluation? Or do you know a secret technique how to keep your working desk always tidy and neat or how to avoid arguments over the last cookie in the box with your team colleagues? We are looking for super-duper interesting, surprising, weird and funny skills that you have and wish to share with other participants during a 2.5 hour ‘skill-lab’. You don’t need to hold a PhD to facilitate a session. Sharing your joy, passion and expertise is what we are looking for. Anything that helps other participants expand their toolkit to do social projects, celebrate their diversity and be happier and healthier human beings is welcome. Don’t be shy!

Talent Show:

Our one-and-only talent show on the last day of the Summit will offer a display of all the diverse creative talents amongst participants. Know how to juggle with fire? Sing like Adele or like a really good under-the-shower singer? Dance like Michael Jackson? We wanna see you shine on stage and enrich our 15th anniversary party with your talent!


Human Library:
Be a human book and tell your personal story to the other participants, giving the possibility to challenge stereotypes and have questions be asked. Your story could be related to facing personal challenges and how to overcome them (e.g. cultural differences, personal insecurities, addictions) but also experiences of personal successes and inspirations. We want to celebrate the diversity of experiences that all participants bring along! For that, we need many of you to each form a book of our Human Library, and tell your story to small groups of about 10 people.
Check out this website to read more about the concept of Human Libraries and to get an idea what your book could be about. Before the summit starts we will personally get in contact with you to clarify your questions, talk about your book and any support you might need. There will also be psychologist present during the summit, if required by you.

Note: offering a contribution to the programme is seen as part of the peer-to-peer empowerment process of the Summit. There is no payment, reduced participation fee or travel refund directly linked to your contribution. However, reduced participation fee and partial travel refund are available to any participant with economic challenges.You can apply for this during your application process for the Summit. In order to offer a contribution, you also need to be a participant of the Summit.