This Years Highlights

The format of the activities this year will slightly different. We will have a number of short, inspirational talks given by youth representatives, as well as working groups which will be held by facilitators who are leaders in their respective fields. Each working groups format will differ depending on the facilitator, and will follow a format unique to that facilitator. In this way, we hope for each working group to provide a fresh and new perspective to approaching solutions for real world problems. You can apply for the working group of your choice when you are invited to register.

Ignite Talks

This year we have adopted a new format of short, inspirational talks given by young speakers in our own age group. We want to convey to all participants that being an active citizen, change-maker or project coordinator is well within our reach.

These people have pursued their dreams and are now powerful, influential youth voices speaking to and influencing the world.

We hope through this new approach of short, smart, quick-delivered and engaging and interactive content, that each and every person attending will find inspiration and confidence to start their own journey of change and make a discernible impact.

The aim of these talks is to equip a generation of young, experience-hungry individuals with the tools to action measurable change, first in their local community, expanding to their place of work, network of friends, acquaintances and professional contacts, and eventually the world as a whole.

You can check out the speakers here, don't forget to look for this symbol 🔥  for confirmed ignite talk speakers

Working Groups

3 levels of peace

We wish all youth to feel they are active global citizens: vehicles for change in the world and their communities, aware of their social and governmental contexts. To be able to participate in or start their own social projects, engaging in a practical and direct way with the world around them.

This was the reason for creating Working Groups, a new element of the Summit’s programme. Each particpant will be able to choose from one of three categories:  

You can select your group according to your personal interest. Throughout the whole week these sessions will be led by professionals who are experts in their chosen field.

Each Working Group will have a different format, following the approach of the leader. Participants will learn tried and tested methods for responding to local issues as well as global situations.

Each group will have a ‘field trip’ - or a practical activity within a space other than Hof Herrenberg - and will write recommendations at the personal, community and policy levels.

Sharing Groups

Intercultural Exchange

At the AYUDH Summit, we want to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible for intercultural exchange.

Sharing Groups provide a space for participants to get to know each other across country borders and share personal experiences. Through this special time set aside for intercultural exchange, youth will be able to deepen their comprehension of the themes of European and Global Citizenship, Sustainable Lifestyles and Peaceful and Nonviolent Societies.

Sharing groups will be formally structured into the day, as we believe it is one of the most important group sessions that takes place at the Summit. Activities will be planned for each session and will differ day to day, but don't worry! The activity will be related to the daily theme and ignite talk.



The UNESCO MGIEP Talking Across Generations on Education (TAGe) event series is an effective and unique intergenerational dialogue forum which mainstreams the collective voice of the youth for inclusion in policy decision-making at the highest levels. AYUDH Europe is proud to have been selected by UNESCO MGIEP as the first civil society organisation to host an independently organized TAGe (iTAGe) session outside of the frame of a UNESCO conference.

The main discussion of iTAGe AYUDH will be focused on four central questions:

  1. How can education support young people to practice their active citizenship and contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals?

  2. How can education inspire young people to cultivate empathy, mindfulness, self-reflection and self-transformation in order to contribute to a culture of peace and nonviolence?

  3. How can education encourage young people to experience, practice and promote sustainable lifestyles?

  4. How can education empower young people to take ownership over their roles and responsibilities as European and global citizens?

iTAGe AYUDH is not a stand-alone event: A moderated dialogue first takes place on social media in the month before the summit, where young global citizens have the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon these four questions. This will be moderated and summarized by AYUDH team members.

Equipped with the outcomes from the online global dialogue, the 300 summit participants will further discuss these questions in working groups, facilitated by international experts. After five days of discussions, 9 representatives from the working groups will take the opinions and feedback from online and face to face discussions to a panel with 3 senior decision takers during iTAGe AYUDH.

The event will be live-streamed on the internet so that global youth can participate by tweeting questions for the panel. The focus will be on informed discussion towards practical action-centric output and results will be disseminated afterwards in the form of a youth declaration.

This event will take place on Saturday the 22nd of July and will be open to the public.


Arts, Sports and Mindfulness Activities

As always, AYUDH will keep providing youth with opportunities and activities which relax the body and expand the mind. Through a number of action oriented and passive activities, we will explore how to maximise confidence, creativity and our inner potential. As well as the usual area where participants can release their creative energy through sport (football and volleyball), we will also be offering a large range of engaging activities, listed below.

This year these activities will take place in an ‘open space’ format. No prior sign-up will be required! You are welcome (and encouraged!) to try out a different activity every day!

AYUDH reaches a diverse representation of young people across the world, inculcating in them a sense of values, responsibility, spirituality and solidarity
— Ravi Karkara, Co-Chair of the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, Senior Advisor Strategic Partnership and Advocacy to the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive Director of UN Women.